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Bonuses paid... let the games begin

Much of the remaining top talent in ISRM is bailing.... The count is at least a dozen so far. Why stay? Promoting and hiring based on skin color or another non-merit based reason is not a recipe for excellence. There are definitely better merit based opportunities for solid IT people elsewhere.

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Hey, Good Riddance; why don't you take a hike? Why shouldn't people stay to collect their bonuses, if they put in a year's worth of good work? That was the agreement when they signed on. And you should probably go back to school based on your comment, "...teams says a lot about they're character...".

The proper spelling is "THEIR". Says a lot about your education.

McKesson used to be a great place to work, but due to management's lack of transparency and unwillingness to listen, a lot of really good employees (old white men or otherwise) have walked out the door. It will cost McKesson more in the long run to replace these folks, than if they had paid more attention to the employees and less to their egos.

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Being current McKesson employee I feel really sick reading all posts over past few months. McKesson has never discriminated based on age, race, gender, location, and other parameters in the past and now this is all we are talking here in public and internally. All because someone decided that preference to candidates will be given based on skin color and location. How sick is that??? All initial job interviews with candidates are based on skin color and location, CIO goes public on a panel and telling a world being proud of it how she came and whiped white men ( literally she said word "white"). How sick and racist is that??? (by the way there were female leaders whiped as well and some left on their own disagreeing with new regime, and some new female leaders who joined also left shortly after).

To last comment there, why would my leader stay to comfort me if big outsourcing and/or RIF is coming? If I was a leader, I would totally offer my name instead of my employee, but this is not where this is all going. There will be MSSP ( Wave3 is back) and leaders alone to stay at the end, leaders have to manage MSSP, who else will? Outsourcing will fail. McKesson is too complex for any MSSPs to take on effectively.

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And good riddance! Old white males threatened by the new Diversity and Inclusion efforts are bailing before they get pushed out. That they waited to collect their bonuses before abandoning their teams says a lot about they're character and values.

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