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Why so much micromanagement?

Here are the consequences:

  • heightened stress and health issues
  • reduced productivity / poor job performance
  • demoralized employees
  • I'm starting to hate my job
  • I send more job applications to other companies than ever

I don't understand why micromanagement is needed of anyone, especially long-term employees who have long ago proven that they are capable of doing a good job and that they do not need so much micromanagement. Maybe they are intentionally creating pressure for me to leave here voluntarily?

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That happens alot in Cummins where we have managers that where friends with people and/or management and become managers and don't know what the fu-k they are doing.

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You need to micromanage when your direct reports are "low-wage" warm bodies and you want to get anything done. That, or you became a manager because you were buddies with the right person, and you have no idea what you are doing and should have never been a manager in the first place.

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I have seen it happening and I believe it’s due to the company not doing very good business wise. They are doing any and everything to apply pressure on people. I would move on and get a new job cause when Cummins Inc phases out all the stuff they are on won’t even matter

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There is a posting here on “Politics” from several months ago. I suggest you scroll down and read thru that exchange. Speaks volumes. The Cummins way.

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