Thread regarding Cummins Inc. layoffs

How would you describe the culture at Cummins?

So called Cummins culture drives away anyone of value. These CLOWNS will let the highest skilled profitable employees walk out the door or terminate their position because they think it saves them money and profits their shareholders. Meanwhile they have endless campaigns, TRP's, ECM calibration updates, etc. because the quality of their products is suffering from constantly hiring new inexperienced engineers. Not new problems, just new engineers! Whatever, it keeps the techs busy. How about increasing profits by not having to pay for so many warranty repairs. Cummins nosurance health care is a joke and they seem to find a way to pay out less variable comp. every year. I recommend finding a company that values you, NOT CUMMINS! This is a recurring theme here!

I think @1pih+1bltNpSk best described the culture as it is now in this company.

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What culture? Everyone is full of misery and trying get the next out the door thinking it will benefit them more. To me it’s a company front to the world but full of bu-----t inside.

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There is a posting here on “Culture” from several months ago. I suggest you scroll down and read thru that exchange. Speaks volumes. The Cummins way.

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