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They don't care. Then why should we care?

Asking a lot of questions about why this company is like this and how it is possible that they value their employees and their hard work so little just frustrated me and created a lot of stress.
That's why I decided I don't care at all why they do things the way they do, and I will not make any effort anymore. It's not worth it. They can only get bare minimum from me now, until I finally leave.

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Agreed 1000%! I don't know if I can go back to sitting in cube he-l just to be a body in a building. I'll give 150% at home, I'm going to struggle to care being back in the office.

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I was done when they announced the return to office plan. Don't dangle the carrot of a hybrid schedule or work from home full time and talk about how "We have realized that some jobs can be done from home and you are so productive and we are saving so much overhead and work life balance and happier employees!" and then turn around and make us come back 4 days a week. My company actually referred to Friday WFH as a "gift." You know what's a gift, mother f*cker? Seeing my kids grow up, being there when they get home from school and not missing their milestones because I'm stuck in an office or traffic for a company that would replace me in a heartbeat if they found out how I really felt.

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