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So, after 23 years with the dame company, approx 13 of which were with Avnet, myself and 50 others from CTL MANUFACTURING (part of the Alpha 3 group, which is owned by Avnet) are being made redundant. No shock in that, that's life, and business. However, we only have statutory redundancy to look forward to. Nothing from Avnet, nothing. A huge global company that continuously spouts about the altruism, benevolence and generosity it bestows on charities and the less fortunate (Bourgeois guilt?) yet refuses to subsidise/compensate the employees that it's ruthlessly disposing of. How do they reconcile the latter with the image it's at pains to portray to those on the outside? Those on the inside know it's true face. Much like a totalitarian regime that offers up tokenist propaganda under the pretence of democracy. Shameful.

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Absolutely shameful indeed. You’re totally correct, those inside know the truth.
All we can do is rest assured that we did all we could, within our remit and with the resources at our disposal.
It feels to most that all of our efforts were wasted, but we know deep down we were right to make those efforts at the time.
Difficult to not feel angry or bitter (believe me we all are) as well as feeling very sad about this end of an era

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Corrections to typos..
*same company
*its true face

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