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Does CVS Want To Antagonize Customers?

Lets see. Local CVS has four self-checkout machines. Literally three of the four were broken, the fourth didn't accept cash.

One (1) cashier. Line is backed up the wazoo. Of course she has to do the Extracare chant with every. single. purchase.

PA kept repeating "3 pharmacy calls." No one could or would answer the damn phone.

I worked hard for my money. CVS doesn't deserve it.

Let me know when:

  • They fix the self checkout machines, and they all accept cash,
  • They stop making answering questions about Extracrap a requirement to make a simple purchase,
  • Someone answers the bloody pharmacy phone
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Have all the ACO accept cash ??

Sure. Why not? When CVS first deployed them years ago, they all accepted cash. I suspect they all can still be made to accept cash, in many cases it is obvious that the bill and coin slots are still there but covered up.

Not asking for the moon here. Really, asking for the level of service offered when the machines were first introduced. We know it is possible, because it was done before. The technology clearly exists (because there are still machines that accept cash), the infrastructure exists (it isn't like you need to rewire stores to support machines that accept cash, particularly since they are in the same spots that once supported cash-accepting self-checkout machines), and it has been shown that CVS could logistically support them (because CVS once had all of their self-checkout machines accept cash).

It isn't a question of CVS being unable to. It is entirely a question of CVS management's willingness to do so.

Who the heck uses cash anymore ?

Pretending to be shocked that people still use cash stopped being funny years ago. It honestly makes you look like an id--t.

The bottom line is CVS leadership thinks it can take customers for granted. And then they whine about it when customers say they have had enough, just look at the comments in this thread.

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Have all the ACO accept cash ?? Who the heck uses cash anymore ?

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Read my post carefully. I clearly asked "Does CVS Want To Antagonize Customers?" I did not ask "Do CVS employees want to antagonize customers."

As for comparisons with Walmart and fast food joints: The ones around here are sufficiently staffed.

Obviously you are a CVS management shill that wants to deflect blame from management's cr---y decisions. And your nonsense response somehow got 8 upvotes and 1 downvote so far. I have to imagine you quickly sent messages on Teams to the other Woonsocket management id--ts to get them to upvote your drivel, and even then one still downvoted you.

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Karen get used to it this is the new norm corporations are greedy, and take a good look around nobody wants to work. Walk into your local Walmart most have been converted 3 human cashiers and 20 something self checkouts. Most fast food joints have drive thru lines that look like lines at Disney world because they can’t hire anybody. How about getting off your soap box and filling out an application at one of these fine establishments and enjoy the maybe $15 an hour to deal with people like you for 8 hours a day. Spend a day in there shoes sometime. You’ll probably find out why nobody wants to work and deal with the public.

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