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Ridiculous Cengage buzzwords and sayings

How many ridiculous corporate buzzwords and mantras have we had over the years? Seems like they just get more hackneyed and cliched over time...

  • Be your own CEO
  • Delight the student
  • Learner engagement
  • White glove service
  • Center of engagement
  • Credo soak
  • Radical transparency

Any others? I know I'm forgetting a lot.

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Roll out
Loop in
Circle back

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The best and brightest will have the sense to not even consider Cengage. Do well and be eliminated is not a good career choice.

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Only someone completely ignorant of our ethos would spout suck reta**ed nonsense. While we continue to define EdTech and Cengage Unlimited continues to soar those non-disrupters will leave our industry as we need only the best and brightest

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These are all just Hansen-isms that his minions adopt and repeat until they go out of style.

"Breaking down silos" was a huge one when he took over.

The old CMO used to natter on incessently about the marketing strategy coming out of bankruptcy being to "tackle low hanging fruit" whatever the eff that meant.

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speed.focus.collaboration (cue the Nascar clips)

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