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why are the grossly overpaid executives not held accountable - Club Culture ?

Do you know a company that's more mismanaged than this? I can't think of one. Yet those on top are able to keep their positions, to keep their bonuses, to keep all the benefits the rest of us can only dream about.

Why are they not held accountable for every bad decision they've made in the past several years?

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The organization management skills is flawed in bay area. The executives believe in micromanagement of development engineers, and pinging them at odd hours in the night to make sure they work.

They put a lot of pressure on development managers to put a knee on the engineer's neck.
Ultimately it is not beneficial for productivity. Managers with integrity cant do it.

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the test team in bay area is so unprofessional. They actually damage personal items, if they dont agree with your technical input.
One manager is also like that. He will lie to other development managers about your work, saying you went on vacation, when you actually picked up work of your coworker who went on vacation.
everyone knows about this manager, but they give him bonus and keep him employed, because he is friend of upper management.

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The reason you are seeing so many leave is , the situation gets worse if you stay. As VP himself guides the manager to harass engineers and protects them from HR cases, if you dont raise a HR complaint the manager continues to harass you at will. If you raise a HR case, the VP gets involved in harassing and more retaliation with the blessing of HR.
It is a no-win situation. bay area team is done.
They should have interviewed his a-* before appointing him as VP. Big mistake. Huge.

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The VP fosters a toxic workplace that enables harassment and creates a hostile work environment, where engineers dont feel comfortable, coming forward with complaints about harassment due to climate of fear and the power dynamics.
Many of his actions and conduct erodes Ciena ethics code.

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