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The art of "lift and shift"

While we all know the next 12 months will bring us massive movement of the whole of claims to India there must remain a sizeable footprint of US based employees in all departments. This is for home base continuity and corporate tax breaks. You know, the things that pad Tom and Glenn's slimy pockets. But as I learned as working within management at this company the ideal of "lift and shift" is very real and will soon be implemented in mass.

Lift and shift is knowingly overhiring in one area mainly with brand new employees to Allstate, waiting 12 months or so for turnover to do its thing, and then forcefully and as a condition of employment moving employees to totally different areas and in often much less desirable jobs or forcefully combining jobs into one new role thus devaluing the position. Refusing to move to this new role = voluntary refusal if work with no severance and no or harder to get unemployment. You think Allstate baits and switches their customers like crazy? Look how they do the same things to employees.

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Last year my position went through this in TG. We had to do the assessment and live in limbo for months and those of us that survived and kept our jobs were given new jobs a month later. New job is just close enough in scope to probably call it a lateral move, and we're being paid the same, but it's a miserable job.

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"Collective Sourcing LLC" created June 2020 BY Allstate President Glenn Shapiro and Cheryl Bendtsen, VP of Casualty Claims.

Attacked in another thread as alarmist conspiracy theory BS.

The class action suit resulted in a class action move by Allstate, they lost a suit asserting yes, they routinely violated the FLSA and classified employees as exempt to get around overtime, something they are doing again post RIF, so their response: move all work out of CA to show their contrition lol. I understand it but shows you why its time to at least consider a nationwide union. Or wait till your job goes to Pune. Just this week they talked about employees in India doing "medical adjuster summaries" to help their US counterparts. Lol ok.

Stay Asleep.

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Example forced to move from California to Phoenix....that RIF.

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