Thread regarding Allstate Corp. layoffs

Collective Outsourcing?

To all the armchair experts/company shills/security id--ts/trolls that is everyone on here (including legitimate coworkers and ex coworkers exercising Protected Concerted Activity):

Help explain this please:

When is Glenn Shapiro and the head overpaid flunkie of claims whatever title Cheryl Bendtsen officers of "Collective Sourcing, LLC"

Why does this company:
Do exactly?

brag above specializing in "reducing cost and increasing quality" through outsourcing. Are we a logistics company? Uhmm no.....last time I checked thats Fed Ex Big Brown, Manufacturing? No, were in risk management and service . . . so what would we be outsourcing......hmmm......

Ok: floodgates open for bunch of posts about this is BS nonsense blah blah blah. I guess since we are a transparent company maybe one of your could post on the company board and ask Glenn and Cheryl what this company does that they formed on 26 June 2020. Thank you in advance Glenn and Cheryl for filing us in.

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Hey @$$ you didnt answer the question. You are in the know, we are not. We are the GRUNTS who do the work.

What does this ENTITY DO and forget your diversionary BS about not related.

Cheryl and Glenn. Transparency! So please explain what this entity does. I know medical reviews and copy work are going to Pune.

Thanks for your help @org+1c4OKBRd
You are clearly a mover and shaker and NOT just some paid HR shill or reputation mitigation expert, so I appreciate your patience.

Tell me what the that entity does and why it was formed.

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This whole site is now a mix of real NON TRANSPARENT business moves that impact labor, unfotunately along with HR or some vendor whose job is to "mititgate" stock damage from information about business decisions.

And BTW legal experts, non-disclosed material info is fine line and you are WAY overstepping it. This from a soon to leave Allstate lawyer. I cannot believe the business practices I witnessed but thank you for opening my eyes to what GREED in risk management looks like.

And I would agree in with other poster(s); who are the pro-company advocates on here. Really? I call BS. This company is imploding and what they are doing is HIDING labor issues from investors. They need to know. I heard multiple labor organizers are interested and adjusters are organizing in NE. Wait and see!!!!

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Ok so everyone attacked OP. I get the ad hominem strategy to draw attention away from the real issue by shills. Noted, I get it HR is on here they made their post stating that Allstate's "employment agreement" (we're at will, wait do we have a contract, its an "agreement"? You're implying we do). overrides the NLRA "Protected Concerted Activity" labor. I think US Dept Labor would disagree and they are already looking into it.

But has anyone answered the question why Glenn and Cheryl created a LLC called "Collective Sourcing, LLC" in June 2020?

So its not connected to a company with the same name in CA gotcha. So.....why was it created, for what purpose? The geniuses posting attacking the OP, use your same amazing insight and help us pondscum workers understand what this company was created for. Transparency is a core value and Allstate bought its ethical badge so please explain what "Collective Sourcing" was created to do and what does it do.

Hey geniuses, "Sourcing" is what you do with jobs. "Collective" is used an an adjective freq w labor.


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They are writing QFC auto estimates on the Mitchell platform as crowd employees. They are not Allstate, and work for a modest amount per estimate. It's a good idea by the company to get additional labor in the US that is willing to work these on the cheap. Auto needs the help, but the problem is the supplements that then have to get routed to an Allstate adjuster. That is messy. Maybe Collective is doing other work as well.

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The registered address of the Corporation appears to be a former church, on a rural road. It has a gravel l Drive. 500 WESTOVER DR. #14677, SANFORD, NC, 27330

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Nothing will increase quality better than "Tom" from inda with a weeks training.

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OP posts something inflammatory, someone points out corrections, OP refuses to do the follow up research and instead demands someone do it.

Nothing troll-like or rude about that. /s

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@xgh+1c4OKBRd Troll is troll.

OP has tude because he asks for transparency about a business entity?

Welcome Allstate security are you G4S or one of the the other multinational security firms that runs concentration camps also? Whhhaaa? G4s is an approved vendor of Allstate so I assume they run interference for anything labor related:,in%20numerous%20deaths%20in%20custody.

When Allstate brags about their "good hands boots on ground whatever BS" take look at what their approved vendors do.

Uh oh!

Btw, you didn't answer why the OP has a grudge or whatever your stupid point was for asking a question about what execs formed a corp in 2020 dba Collective Sourcing. Your response was trollbait and worked only to extent you are an id--t and go back to te-t of your mother company.

  • bye -
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Glenn and Cheryl are very close. Sounds like another adventure for them. Liberty Mutual brought all kinds of opportunities their way.

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OP has a real ‘tude, this ought to go well.

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@org+1c4OKBRd I appreciate the input but so the site it incorrect it SAYS formed June 26, 2020.

Not 2019.

What is it since you are in the know, please shower us with your transparency:

What is "Collective Outsourcing LLC" that Glen Shapiro and Cheryl Bendtsen are officers in?

Im asking since you seem to know more than me. What is the purpose of this entity and how does it relate to Allstates total operating plan as a public company? Transparency is a corporate value so I appreciate your patience.

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Allstate created Collective Sourcing in 2019. Your first link is a record of a new LLC registration in a new state as a new branch.

Your second link is to a company unrelated to Allstate. That site clearly says “ JUSTIN MARLETT, FOUNDER & CEO”

You can search the intranet for more information on Collective. There’s no secret or conspiracy.

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