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What does a delivery manager do?

My partner is at the final stages of interviewing for the position but his explanation wasn’t that great, can someone clarify? Also reading a lot of these posts makes me nervous for him, seems like salesforce heyday is long over.

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Delivery manager = project manager responsible for turning whatever the sales folks told the customer to get them to buy the product into reality.

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Salesforce today is not the good old Salesforce, it is now a mini Oracle:

  • politic; such as sucking up
  • moving headcount to cheaper places (you know what I mean)
  • great customer experience before the customer buys
  • make the customer to speak at the event using the prepared script
  • talent? Sorry my friend, there is no such thing as talent here, only replaceable resource.
  • when you want to resign, or you got fired, they will show empathy (in front of many people in the call), but it is actually scripted, they don’t care at all!
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