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Stop promoting useless VPs, that’s why the company has FAILED

Keep getting spam messages on my LinkedIn that another useless VP has been promoted to EVP, RVP, XVP or some other bu-----t VP title.
Don’t you get it, these are the same people that have destroyed the company with their greed, in---t or just plain stupidity.
Now they are being praised by being promoted to stellar titles with astronomical salaries and stock options. These lowest of the low leeches have sucked the company dry of any hope and the company is congratulating them with promotions.
Until this attitude changes nothing will improve in the company and CTXS will be rummaging in the trash bin of technology history.

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Elliot Group bought in when stock prices were around $55ish and openly said their goal was to get the price to $120 and then cash out. That’s what they did. Funny how so many people here are obviously clueless. LMAO - Do you realize how much money we made last year ?

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Fk all the assbiting VPs and directors

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Mark T must be laughing, what a fk disaster.

And those money hungry investors? I heard Elliott Management cased out.

Precisely as predicted by many employees, that was still around back then.

The small puppet barked like big dogs do, ruined the company and cashed out.. before the actual decline.

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F— all the VPs, XVPs, EVPs, GVPs, AVPs, QVPS and any other form of incompetent sub-human life forms that are slithering around . This group along with the Managing Directors have completely destroyed the company due to their own greed and utter stupidity. All they are good at is giving r— jobs to their bosses or t— ba——- their dogs .
They should all be lined up and —— and even that is too good for them.
They will all receive judgement from the almighty

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Issue is my brother that those VP's are following the new culture of the company that was put in place 2-3 years ago, when the real decline started i.e. brown nosing is valuated.

People who spoke up of all the wrong doings all left, or got bypassed in promotion. Most mid managers today are people who execute without any consideration.
Citrix C level though the problem was execution and most managers with softskills got replaced by robotic mo...ns.

Now they pay the price, this is what happens when you execute and demoralizing your staff, without listening to high performers.

Of course, some high performers are still around and funny enough after this week I am quite sure they feel more safe than ever. Company will change their way they have been dealing with them to make sure they don't leave.

Citrix is also a company that has changed their core values when the new leadership was introduced, who does that?

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