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Norma Rae

How do we get labor organizers interested in Allstate? Carl Ichan and the Vanguard and institutional investors would be interested?Do I want a union I dunno but options are always good.

The posts about media everyone needs to start posting and sharing their experiences as an employee but dont share material info like person claiming to be atty.We are protected under labor law to discuss and organize and Alllstate and ability to fire for trumped up reasons like the film Philadelphia.

btw nice to know an soon-to-be-former-attorney-for-good-hands sees that the company has either hired a reputation mitigation firm or HR itself is on here posting anti-worker pro company things that seem like were back in 1975. NE labor organizers come tt us and let the investors know we have a n interest maybe you are against or maybe you are pro unions but options is never bad.

ok here comes the BO-M

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Hey Post ID: @hrs+1c6KnIV9 you work for: Webimax, Idea Resolutions, Idea Grove:
Draw me out with your BS posts. NO ONE IS ON THIS SITE that is a fan of that shitshow that is Allstate.

The posts about "anti-union" commitees have already been sent to the the US Dept of Labor, dont worry im a lowly pu-e but rest assured the current admin is very interested in the offshoring and the downsizing during the pandemic by playing a connect the four game. Gears are churning!
Hey but keep posting your fishing emails the legit employees know the the shills. You really have online companies doing this sh-t?

Webimax, is that you? Dont worry Unionisn has a foothold. BTW the post about Allstate has an "anti-union legal" unit?Rly? Is this Hoffa? Do you realize that HR has a policy to keep tabs on union activity (oh US Dept of Labor you wont find ANYTHING written down come on....) is treating their employees like sh-t?
Allstate TELLS us how to vote but still they cant "make lots of money"

Ive seen posts from other posters usually the rep mgt firms or HR attack the person and never address the gyst of the post they cant.

ALLSTATE "grunts" keep in contact with NE union organizers. The person who said they dont want to rep a employee in PJs is an id--t-A UNION would LOVE dues from a company with low risk that was a shill or rep mgt poster.

HERE COMES THE YOURE FULL OF IT roflmao!!!! Allstate you are IMPLODING cant wait to get this board onto investor and regulator sites!

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This would be just the reality check needed. It wouldn’t take much if a
Brave person would contact a National labor union. Heck, maybe start one for claims and processors and allow underwriting to join if they want. Allstate employees deserve to be treated with respect. Management has failed the employees. We need someone else to support us.

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omg OP your ENglish is horrible you are an id--t shut up you fool. There we covered that part of the reputation mitigation management posting so how about discussing the issue vs ad hominem(uh oh big fancy term Im a pogue what do know) distraction.

dont discuss points raised always attack the the syntax of a post because thats what real exchange on opinions and ideas is all about.

deck band on the TItanic.
Market share is not growing, you slashed workers but kept all the worthless middle managers at least can them if you really want labor offsets. but your producers are not happy leaving in droves, and you cut their renewals. and internet business is a farce as others posted its epic fail.

"You lack the brains I have the blood sweat tears I will make you lots of bonuses"

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