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Mark Richard is the kiss of death for this company!

Mark Richard is the kiss of death for Halliburton. He is a micro manager who is running the place into the ground. He hates being questioned and managers under him are required to stroke his ego on the daily. Absolutely ridiculous. He will be the nail in the coffin for "Big Red". Get over yourself Richard!

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When there is no right or wrong answer, then don’t waste anyone’s time arguing. In this case Mark holds a much more important position and wasting his time by debating is stupid.

Those who say that folks on lower rungs doesn’t have to accommodate managers on higher rungs are living in utopia. Even in families with multiple kids, some kids will end up favorites to their parents. Usually those kids behave in a more pleasing manner. Do you think a dad would pick a kid who always debates and challenges him over other kids who stands by him?

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This is so true. I had an individual reporting to me giving a presentation to management and Mark Richard spoke up and gave his opinion on the topic. This individual then stated he disagreed with Mark and explained why. Seemed like a great argument and in reality, everyone has their own opinions. In this case, there really was no wrong or right answer. If the looks on everyone's faces could speak! You would think this individual committed the worst sin known to man! After the meeting, my boss pulled him into his office and told him NEVER to question Mark Richard like that at a meeting. This told me all I needed to know about Halliburton and it's culture. The funny thing about this is when you go to training related to leadership, HR always talks about being open and questioning things; yet, all that goes out the window in real life at Halliburton. The culture really is "Do as I say, not as I do". It really is pathetic.

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