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People don’t leave the company, people leave the bad boss

Definitely so! Maybe I would have stayed here for a while longer if only my manager had been a little better, had better communication skills, appreciated and encouraged people, been a man who doesn’t run away from responsibility etc. I don't know what your managers are like (I don't believe there are many good ones here?), but the one because of whom I gave notice should never be a manager in any company.

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Octane wants new blood in his company

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there are some good bosses...but there are several factors in play where a good boss doesn't matter. the main ones being people are a necessary evil, heck Tan-man admits that all the time. And the RSU's...their decent, not life changing for all but execs. And the latter really adds a crescendo to bad behavior and general organizational toxicity.

as the other poster noted anyone working on the moldy mainframe cr-p can sit back and relax. though i've heard from some peeps over there of org issues...

like the other poster said...under 50...GTFO... 55+... pray you don't get cut before the RSU peak year...60+....and yeah there are're stuck and won't find another job unless 1) you're already working a 2nd gig behind the scenes, and oh i know a few doing so....2) are inspired to drive for Amazon or become a Walmart greeter...

whatever your situation, "have a plan in place" as 2022 will see acceleration in bad behavior and forced read it here first...

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I disagree in my case. I have a great boss and I am a good boss. Beyond that it's just yesmen and then corporate. So... the problem in this case is the company. My boss can't get me a raise or anything else I want because of red tape so why bother? I don't know anyone who likes it here except the rare mainframe devs who do not have replacements. If you're under 50, you can do so much better! If I had a bad boss I would be gone a long time ago in this culture.

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