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Leadership is all about trust

This is a place where nobody trusts nobody - employees don't trust the leadership and leadership doesn't trust the employees. I do believe, however, that I trust them less than they trust me. How can a company be successful if leaders are not trustworthy? Just thinking... maybe they should consider what causes the loss of trust in the first place? Could they actually rebuild trust even if they really wanted to? I doubt it.

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first of all, who really cares what management have to say about anyone. the leadership is the problem with the organization. The impact of leadership is always evident at times of crises, last year we got to see the colors of our leadership. when the CEO takes a temporary cut reducing the millions he gets while all the people doing the actual work lose their stocks - that is pathetic. when the CEO gets a 100% bonus for a year the stock dropped from $15 to $3 and everyone else barely gets the target bonus - that is pathetic.
when the CEO's bathroom in the new office building is bigger than other executive's office space - that is pathetic.
trust is gone. I doubt it can be restored without the removal of current executive team.
clearly this CEO has to go. The continuously falling stock price is the market's approval rating of the CEO and the executive team .

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It all depends who is jockeying for the next VP title. Just look at who has moved up in the last few years. Should tell you everything you need to know.

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I agree it is hard to trust anyone in that work environment, so many times you ask a question and it was helpful to get an answer but everything is so hush, hush behind closed doors between supervisors and managers. God knows what they say about everyone in the supervisor meetings with the VP of you area. Other than make themselves look better than their employees department wise so they can keep their jobs and make others look lesser than them.
Trust is hard to have around there, so it is at time hard to make friends or to make in your department a go to person at least for direction.
We all management is there for themselves.

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If "nobody trusts nobody" does that mean that everyone trusts someone or that someone trusts someone ? The real questions is how anyone expects the company to be successful with all the whining about the new office building or not getting to work from home or having to wear masks or maybe they should tax fat people... Get to work or pack your stuff. That said, Pat and Lee are awful at their jobs... but that's a whole other issue.

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