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BNSF Referral Bonus- are you kidding me?!?

Why why why would I refer anyone to come work for a company that has caused so much pain a grief for families who once thought this to be a life long career job and now are biting their fingernails waiting for the news of another layoff, ship closure, etc all for the sake of “being competitive” which is just a fancy word for PSR. I saw 7 year long coworkers pack up their stuff and go home to wife and little ones after they had uprooted from a good area and good paying job, just to work for the railroad, thinking it was a better situation. Saw guys loose their homes and a lot of their belongings just to keep their head above water. It’s borderline disgusting and evil the way the RR messes with peoples lives. Don’t hire if you plan on wiping them off the roster in 5 years. Don’t make them think that they can buy a home and have somewhat a good life working for you. So, the referral bonus, you can keep all of it because I’ll be the last to refer anyone to a company full of so much corporate greed. I would think different if they were making cuts in Ft worth as much as they were in the field. I would think different if all the corporate bonuses paid out to the exempts were actually spread out to these families to assist in their job losses. This isn’t a family company, this is a company of greed. If you are in upper management reading this, then I hope you take this to heart because YOU are the change that can take place. This is how YOUR workforce feels. Show that you care. But the problem is, is that you don’t and everyone knows it. You want to be competitive?? Care for the people who actually RUN the railroad. Give them a sense of security. Give them opportunity, give them a voice, give them a family life. Feel for them, listen to them, do for them. Communicate the struggles and you’d be surprised the ideas that come out of the woodwork. I used to think this was the best job and was proud to call it my own but now I come to work everyday waiting to be sent home. Trust is all gone and it’s a horrible feeling everyday when I show up to what I moved was so proud of.

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That’s the general consensus throughout the system. People are tired of being marginalized in what they do and more or less threatened with their well-being on a daily basis.
If management is reading this, the poster is absolutely correct. Your short-term gains will destroy our infrastructure, cause even more of a spike in injuries, and destroy countless lives. It’s not just your employees that are affected when people get furloughed. It’s their family, loved ones, and people who care about them that suffer most.
What we are paid as a mechanical craft is mere drops in the bucket compared to how much money the railroad hemhorrages yearly.
It’s easy to cut heads in an attempt to lower cost… what’s difficult is getting to the root cause of your problem and actually fixing it. Quit choosing what’s easy to make someone happy who doesn’t even work here. I’m talking about the shareholders. Ultimately, it will now up in your face and the railroads will be regulated again like in the 70’s and 80’s.

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