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Broadcom way

Broadcoms model is all about acquiring bloated old companies and screwing the hapless customers of those companies to the maximum extent possible. Since those customers can't switch off your product overnight, they end up paying BIG.
Unfortunately the problem with this model is employees hate it and good employees will leave, so you need to pay them BIG.
However, what do you do when your'e customers come up to end of contracts, but you still have to pay employees? Darn, laying off those employees is EXPENSIVE.
Simple, use the COVID mandates as an excuse to fire employees for "cause", meaning you don't have to pay their entitlements.
Pulling a comment from one of the previous threads. @Csip+1c6jOvwK, you nailed it. Mandate seems like a great excuse?

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This company makes me feel like a ra-e victim.

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So true. It's pricey to layoff. So they do it via the Corolla mandate...or simply the GM's mandating to make life miserable for x% of employees effectively forcing them out. the latter is a well defined, though unpublished strategy...

all the other cr-p you wrote about is old news man. clients know they're being held hostage...and have no choice near term. all the nonsense about a "software division" is comical, it's incoherent and really it's embarrassing.... none of the customers believe it, nor does the me...

otoh...those lucky who can live the good life can hang for the next 3 years to max out their RSU...

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