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Will Halliburton Bow to Biden?

So will Halliburton bow to Biden's EO for all employers with over 100 employees to mandate the vaccine? Considering an executive order only applies to the executive branch and is not law, private employers would only voluntarily comply. It will likely be swiftly over turned by the Supreme Court anyway like the eviction moratorium. Not to mention in TX, requesting vaccine proof/passports is banned.

Halliburton can't find workers now, if they willingly comply with this, they really won't have anyone. The pay and benefits are already sub par.I know for a fact that a certain camp would lose over 3/4 of just their frac department. They've already discussed it and will all quit as a group.
Halliburton willingly participating in this madness will drastically affect their job coverage ability.

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Of course Halliburton will, using the excuse of "OUR customers demand that we do, to protect "our employees, and other contractors, on our locations, and in our offices, that Halliburton employees may come into contact with".

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Not sure what they will do. But upper management has started going woke in the last few years including certain new executive(s) and other new initiatives. For a long time Halliburton management took a stand against wokeism/leftism, and took pride in their business model (including knowing what it is and what it isn't). But seems like their corporate PR/HR advisors may be misleading them just like with other corporations in their league.

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