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I learned more about people here than about my job

I’ve gotten some new skills here as well, but I’m not completely satisfied. Maybe I could have done a lot more at another company. Still, I learned a lot about people. It's my fault because I should have left here as soon as I saw that this place doesn't have much of a learning culture. How much have you upgraded your skills here? Is anyone satisfied with the skills they have acquired here?

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This joke of a "company" is plain and simple a good ole boys shop! I saw sooo many zombies zombie in....zombie out....
There was no incvestment in their people. The boss I had had all the bo--y kissers around her door day in and day out....The real workers.....were not promoted and instead the id--t smoochers and yes people were promoted. I wish the worst for COP. The damage it's done to the environment.....unforgivable!

BIG OIL was popular in 1950. In's time to fix what you wrecked!

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I am the original poster of this thread, and guess what?
I found out on Friday I am getting promoted! I guess hard work does eventually pay off.
So - let this be a lesson from me to you...don't give up so quickly. Work hard, show your value and eventually people will notice.

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I’ve learned that it’s better to look good than be good, PowerPoint presentation skills are more important than value-adding skills, and brown nosers are much appreciated by our “leadership” because our leadership likes being told how brilliant they are.

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Why do you post these same repetitive posts over and over?
The reason you you did not leave yet is because nobody else will take you.

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