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What's the criteria for cutting people? Who's the brilliant mastermind who decides who's gonna get kicked to the curb? I'd like a word or two with him. This makes no fu----g sense! You are getting rid of the best people! Do you have any idea what those people do? How important they are for the company? For fu-k's sake, ask around before you make decisions that'll impact the future of the company. This place is run by mo--ns.

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Older white males over 40 are usually the target since they earn the most. So to answer your question, it is bean counters who are making the decision who gets cut.

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This is how it works, they come up with a number of $$$ to save/reduce cost and send it to managers to make it happen. The higher the salary to be cut, the lower the number of people to be affected. Typically, the older people make more, so there you have it.

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