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VMware treats its employees like cr-p

Then all the managers - from the lowest to the highest level - are positively shocked when most of the employees are satisfied with doing the bare minimum. If you want your employees to give a damn, then you need to treat them better. For so many of us, VMware is just a placeholder until we can find something better. That's the direct fault of the company and its management.

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Here's a SaaS quota for your Sales teams for the next year.
We're not actually going to invest in resources to build a back office or make it easier to take the customer orders or create proposals.

We will spend plenty on engineers to make solutions SaaS, but no real money on internal tools, and we would never, ever invest in creating world class support infrastructure. That's just throwing money away we could spend on your sales commissions, am I right???

If Excel and email was good enough to manage the business and take Sales to > $11B these last few years, it'll still be fine long after the product catalog is overhauled to say SaaS and subscriptions.

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It started to change much more than 2 years ago. You can look back to the start of Pat Gelsinger's turn as CEO to see the beginnings of the decline. Most notable was the poorly defined strategy, cost-cutting, offshoring of engineering and support to lower cost resources (resulting in terrible product quality and customer experience), stupid acquisitions, and the too-little-too-late attempt to be a relevant cloud company. The heavy influence of the Dell mindset and processes certainly hasn't helped things. Nor did the distraction and blowing of time and resources on whatever is the latest virtue-signaling, politically-popular social justice cause.

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Agreed, VMware culture sucks now. It started to change almost 2 years ago and now just headed down hill like a rock off a cliff.

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