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Does the WMware on your resume help move your carreer along?

I am looking for a new job and I have sent many applications. I believe I will be able to get out of here by the end of the month. I hope so.
This time I applied to companies where I would really like to work unlike when I applied here and I just wanted to get a job somewhere. I wonder what recruiters think when they see WMware on someone’s resume?

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Any real job experiences will be valuable from any companies even startups. Having VMware in your resume do not necessarily give you an edge. It is not a Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook reputations. Most importantly, what's your role, what you do and what exactly that you can contribute in your next company. The title do not get you much if you do not have a skillset that is relevant which goes along with the company brand. VMware products aren't that popular comparing to top tier companies so it doesn't really matter that much or you could say, it is irrelevant.

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The good news is that I think VMware still has a relatively good reputation in the industry and with recruiters (for now). Sure there is a lot of dirt and dysfunction seen from the inside, but the company has actually been very lucky with how little of that has become public knowledge. So I think having VMware on your resume is probably equivalent to having Salesforce or Microsoft on your resume. Those companies may be mature and bureaucratic, but I still think they help more than hurt by being on your resume. A recruiter or potential employer will probably be more interested in your role and what you actually did at the company versus its brand or reputation.

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