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Let them leave

If people want to leave the company for whatever reason (and I think we all know what I'm talking about,) let them! What's the worst thing that can happen? The rest of us will be safer? There'll be fewer layoffs? Honestly, just let people do what they think is right. I think everybody will be happy that way.

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“Get the jab” oh I see this is about required vaccination. And people are going quit rather than get vaccinated. And go work where? Corporate America is thankful Biden is taking this hit so they have cover for it. There’s not an employer around that wants the liability and uncertainty of unvaccinated id--ts contaminating the workplace and customers. Even Trump encourages vaccinations because he knows what’s good for business!

Your all’s fear and outrage are being monitized on social media, enriching the demogogs and destroying the GOP. Sure stay home, don’t vote in stolen elections, don’t wear masks to protect your community, and don’t get the vaccine and die alone in an ICU wear the staff hates you for your ignorance and guillibilitg. Funny how the only election fraud was in states he lost. Wake up!

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Not that simple kiddo. You're gonna have some ticked off people who will leave and some really ticked off people who got forced to get the jab and stayed behind. Situation volatile from both ends.

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