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Old guard

To the former execs,

You own this. There is no positive spin for your failures and poor decisions. As you settle into retirement with your ill-gotten gains, know that you earned this by driving a 100 year old company into bankruptcy. This started to MG and includes RA, JW, and SL. Shame on all of you. The Execs and Board members that allowed this negligence should also wear the stain of blood from this massacre. The list is long, but we know who they are.

Florists should unite and all head for the hills. Consumers should seek better sources of flowers.

FTD is done

Anyone agree?

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Perhaps (like the FBI) post pics of leaders gone by with names and titles and the various their corporate greedy misdeeds and bad spending decisions -
Here’s an example: massive spending on rehabbing building/s - called ‘furniture arranging’ for leaders with menial skill sets.

One actual convo went like this:
A laid off leader was approached by a colleague to wish them luck and say sorry this happened. Leader replied, ‘Don’t worry about me - I got my million and I’m out of here.’

Another group that needs to be on the hit list are the greedy ‘Vulture Capitalists’. They hire McKinsey for audits and then systematically go through companies, disintegrating jobs, companies, whittling it down to a nub - then sell it off.

Only a few at the top are making ridiculous salaries & bonuses based on some quirky tax law, pay less taxes than school teachers and firemen!

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yes, i agree, the greed and corruption of the execs over the last 20 years is crazy!!! They nickel and dime the florists to death, the only people making money was FTD at the time. While the hard working retail florists were being robbed. The management team at FTD are a bunch of slick car salesman and don't care about their employees one bit. AF, RZ and the list goes on and on how bad they are and treat their employees.

FTD will not make it much longer, their days are definitely numbered, very sad for a company that used to be recognized and brand recognition.

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