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How is that possible...

that the employee who was constantly criticized here until they finally laid him off is now in a company that has a better reputation than ADP, has higher pay, is more valued etc?
I wonder if it’s because ADP undervalued him or is it because ADP didn’t know how to get the best out of him? I also have a feeling that I would work much more and much better somewhere else, in a healthier atmosphere. I can barely get myself to start working here every day because the morale is zero.

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Potential new employees should read these post and decide if they want to join ADP

TH and the engagement surveys are a JOKE! NO one responds to them honestly as they are afraid of retribution....

Kinda ironic that most town halls coincide with layoffs .....

New management thinks that they can replace experience with bodies in PHP / India and tech new software / automation.

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Today’s TH was a kick in the teeth. Boast about all the new hires when all the September lay offs are wrapping up their final week. Hard to be excited about new inexperienced EEs joining the company while there is a constant parade of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 … year EEs walking out the door with unmeasurable experience and knowledge.

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Very true. The tradeoff for lower pay and hard work, was stability and family (your coworkers). You took pride in what you did. Now, I'm not sure I could advise someone to apply there.

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I'm so sorry you're going through this ...start looking immediately.

Boundaries ! don't let anyone treat you like you're worthless.

ADP is notorious for low balling on wages (always has been). The trade off was lower compensation for stability. NO MORE! Ask them to pay market!

Almost, everyone that leaves usually gets a hefty double digit compensation bump!

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