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What a disappointment!

In order for someone to become more successful at Deloitte, one primarily needs to have a big ego, but also must feed the ego of his/her superiors. That is crucial. Knowledge is less and less important it seems to me? I thought this was a much more professional place.

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There is nothing professional about Deloitte. It is an ego festival for a-s kissers that can only thrive in the cult style of workplace. I left Deloitte weeks ago and started a new career that pays thousands less and I could not be happier.

Just a few words to the consulting PPMD's that were near my desk that loved to blare their speakerphone calls with the office door wide open so we the cubicle cattle could hear what a big deal you are.

Nobody gives a cr-p.
Nobody with half a brain is impressed by you.
You are all a bunch of no talent self important hacks.
We the cubicle cattle should sue Deloitte for the IQ points we lost having to listen to you talk.
The best thing about the pandemic was not having to listen you anymore.
Promptly go scatterplot yourself.

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