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Last one out turn off the lights!

It's not that I care much about the situation here next year and in the future, but I'm pretty sure it can only get worse here.

What will this company look like when all the skilled and capable people leave? They think they will somehow be able to replace them?? I doubt it.

I don't even want to think much about it, but it will be interesting to watch from distance how the leaders' decisions will be further reflected on CDK.

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I joined few months ago and I completely agree with your reply to OP.

Quick question - how much is the company ready to pay for course? Where can I see the training reimbursement details?

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So you have a one sided rant and can’t explain it
This forum is for cry bots

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I get the distinct feeling that you've been posting all of these, and are either a US resident still bitter over 2018, or a Brit still bitter over last year during the CDKi divestiture.

I say this because things are far different than the whiny little posts you put up here.

Vote this down to oblivion - I don't care. But for everyone else's benefit, I'm just a rando CDK employee that stumbled onto the page, but I'm also enjoying my over-100% bonus-target money and RSUs. I'm in a company that approached the vax mandate garbage intelligently, without trampling rights. I work for an employer that not only encourages but pays for training, and will pay my tuition if I wanted to get another degree in a tech or MBA field.

This might make you even angrier and more bitter than you are, I don't know. But, judging by the literally years of random posts that don't reflect reality, I'd say that you need to work on a few issues and move on, kiddo.

Is CDK perfect? Far from it. But as far as corporations go, it has become one of the most honest and open places to work for that I have ever been in.

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