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Citrix - A management lesson for schools.

The current state of Citrix can become a leadership lesson - "How to ruin a great company and fast?". We are such a disaster now that unless there is a good level of cleanup at leadership level, I don't see anything else but a continued downward spiral path.

Few lessons I learnt -

#1: Onboarding wrong people on the bus lead to right people off-boarding the bus.

#2: Have the right people in the right seats of the bus. And more so, if the seat is driver's.

#3: Poor practices will almost always result in poor outcomes.

#4. Leadership missteps often have far more costly and enduring effect on product and team.

Forget 'tech debt', 'process debt', or other debts, pay the lead debt first. Like the namesake element, it has become toxic at Citrix.

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By far Citrix has the worst leadership of any company. After I had left Citrix I attended a dinner with a coworker and two leadership people at Citrix. I will never forget that dinner. The two leadership individuals from Citrix looked miserable the entire time! They both looked like they hated their jobs and would rather be doing anything else but talk about Citrix. They didn't smile, they looked stressed and they didn't look they wanted to get any business for Citrix. My coworker laughed the whole evening about how these two guys looked and acted. The culture is so bad at Citrix that it effects the way the employees come off to partners and customers and this is why they are doing so bad. No one would want to buy or partner with Citrix after encountering these two guys who are supposed to represent Citrix.

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I agree! Citrix has a very toxic culture--by far the worse I have ever experienced. It is a direct reflection of leadership. There are many managers and directors in positions that have no clue how to do their job. In result it leads to them pushing all work on direct reports or forming an alliance with a peers to utilize their workers for help. I do not recommend anyone with less than a year of tenure at the company to remain here. Let the boat sink.

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Ugh dysfunction is the worst.

So you believe those folks were trying to bring the wrong people on the bus, and they wanted the wrong people were in the seats so those people would eff up practices?

What would you have chosen?

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