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NA is toxic.

There is not much else to say. I have worked in Global roles and NA-specific roles throughout my time here. The way NA is run from leadership on down. Someone on FishBowl put it best... exaggerated self-importance by leaders; everything is seemingly urgent, everything needs to be done today and everything isn’t good enough. Anyone who has been there since the early days and is in a leadership role is filthy rich millionaire status off stock alone and unless you are MD status, you are working to fill all of their pockets. It’s a game of who likes who and a pi----g contest in so many ways.

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This is really great insight and information. Thank you for sharing your perspectives.

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Agree. The core values are being diminished by the hyper growth and endless acquisitions. I tell people that the senior leadership are now more comprised of storytellers (who care more about what they are communicating to NA/Global leadership) than any content depth (riding on the back of the Accenture reputation more than anything he/she brings). Some senior leaders are still great, but now I feel more than half the leaders are just manipulating the system for their own gain and will use all resources (e.g. people) to ensure they success over the firms success. It's too bad. Lots of talent just used and burnt through. NGGM just added diff dimensions and layers that create opportunities for this to occur. Many good leaders not in the "in crowd" are leaving, as well as those senior managers/managers who realize it....which leaves all the 1000s of new hires not having enough people to show them the 'right way' to be a professional consultant (I'm talking real mentorship, not computer based training).

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