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Babies in the shop

Some of the employees we have need to have pacifiers with all the whining going on. You get paid to do a job not stand around whining or worse yet try to get someone else to do your job for you. Then again, you’re the same person that runs to management when someone is doing what you THINK they shouldn’t be doing. Get a life and grow up.

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This sounds like words out of the big mouth of the merchandise specialist at store 14 or some similar toxic toadie who sucks up to 'basscamp' while a weak-kneed ineffectual GM allows it to run the store. Whoever this is, thanks for proving that BPS has turned into a poisonous trainwreck that no professional in their right mind would want to work for.

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You sound like a company yes man who drags his own employees down and blames them instead of taking a look at how basspro is running it’s business. Basspro’s business strategy is outdated and they are purposely creating a bad work environment to save money because they think this will all blow over. Either be a man and lead other employees, or go yell at a cloud old man.

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