Thread regarding DIRECTV layoffs

The divorce is final...

so why are still living in the same house as the ex?

According to all of the Bill Morrow Workplace BS and the writings of the business press, you would think that DTV is now a stand-alone company with no operational ties to the Death Star.

So can someone explain to me why I am still having to use AT&T systems?

I have to still take their PLE courses, I still have to meet their metrics, I still use their call centers, their support centers, their time reporting systems. I'm still on Atlas and have to log into T reporting sites to say I don't have Covid again.

Heck man, I'm still in their Union under their contract.

I still get random safety field inspections by T employees.

So far, the only change I see is an offer for a free DIRECTV T-shirt.

When I got divorced in real life - I didn't have a darn thing to do with the ex except cut a check once a month. The rest of my life was mine. Did TPG not hire the right divorce lawyer or is this all a smoke and mirror campaign?

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Quit and reapply for prem tech or other tech somewhere else in the company. It’s the only way to get out of your ho-e.

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A terrible but hilarious advice! 😆

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It takes time to change systems (and buildings). The alternative of severing the cord day 1 would mean a heck of a lot more money for DIRECTV and greatly decrease the chances of success. Think of it as a slow walk out the door vs. a pack your sh!t and bolt. Every day will be better than the last.

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Lay low. Stay in the middle of the pack. Survive.

If they want DPP - sign everyone up on your handheld - only about 25% will figure out they got slammed but you'll still be golden with a high take rate.

Three ETCs per job - add 1 minute to your original estimate every time it prompts you for an update. Dispatch will still try to jam you with a bunch of same days but at least you did your part.

Completion rate - if the job looks like a time succk - tell them you have to leave to get a part and then cancel the thing as you drive away. Just do it within the first 15 minutes and you'll be okay.

Close the easy jobs, cancel the cr---y ones, don't log any overtime and you will be fine.

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