Thread regarding Frontier Communications Corp. layoffs

joker sham.....there back

LUMN SPINCO -- CENTURYTEL CENTURYLINK call it what you want. Same jokers from VZ getting rich while thousands loose jobs.

Mudge and the rest of the clowns from VZ/FiOS.... are going to run the new spin off. Did they not save their millions. Greed. Many employees are going to feel the brunt of these slip shod transactions. The FCC/DOJ is inept to allow such travesty.

Same jokers screwed the employees at D/FW Airport where is all strated in 2004. I was in the original group. FIBER NETWORK MGMT CENTER/FNMC.

The new Apollo APO, +0.82% -backed company, which aims to accelerate the business’s shift from older copper lines to high-speed fiber-optic technology, will be led by Verizon Communications Inc. VZ, -0.14% veterans Bob Mudge, Chris Creager and Tom Maguire, who together built out Verizon’s fiber-based, Fios service.

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HA! About time someone called out the illiteracy of this joker. ESL? Must work in tech support...

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It's Thousands lose jobs, not loose. Loose is the opposite of tight. Hope you know your job better than you know how to spell.

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It's 'They're back' (they're is a conjunction for 'They are'), not 'There back'. Jeeze!

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