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HR & Executives- Here's a Suggestion

Suggestion: If you want to re-hire you best cast members that you laid-off last year, I would recommend you encouraging your supervisors/managers to call each individual to make them feel "welcomed." Such rumors about Disney not hiring back (even the cream of the crop) and only hiring minorities.

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As far as know, they are not hiring back at the professional or executive level. They may be hiring / calling back people in the services area, but not in other areas. If you refer to "minorities" because most of them are in the services areas (custodial, food/beverage, merchandise, etc....perhaps that is the "rumor" that you have heard.

Now, the HR departments in all corporations are not there to help the employees, and they are not your "friends" to help you, that is a misunderstanding that many people have. HR is the right hand of the executive area to mitigate risks and for compliance purposes. They ARE ALWAYS ALIGNED with the policies and direction of any company; there are always closed-door meetings between HR and Executive management to plan and set the direction and decisions of upper management.

Have you ever wonder why there was an HR rep when they made those infamous calls to let the "chosen" ones let go? It was for compliance and risk mitigation purposes. Or if you ever call them to understand better any issue, they either dodge the question, refer you to someone else, or would have told you that someone may be calling you back. If someone did ever call you back, they politely said (compliance, to avoid litigations) that they don't know yet, maybe the situation could change in the future, or that they are working to see what they can do (meaning, what direction the executives will go...)

Your suggestion has very good intentions, but it will run hollow to the ears of HR and Executives; they already set the direction and that is why they did what they did.

These are my two cents on this...

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