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I'm hoping for layoffs

I'm so done with Resideo and all the cr-p we have to endure every day that I'd jump for joy if I found out I was being laid off. You want to pay me to leave this place? He-l yes! Finding a new job shouldn't be an issue, especially with a nice safety net to get me through the search process (heck, I might even take a month off.) So bring it on, I say.

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the layoff list is ready

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Again with the "shrinking revenue" claims. What part of the Q2 earnings released a week ago shows these revenue and profit losses you keep referring to?

Also, you think the lawsuit settlement is going to sink Resideo? Insurance covered most of it, and the rest was already budgeted. It's over and behind us now. Time for you to mooooove on!

Next, this idea that "literally 85% to 90% of Resideo" is waiting to get laid off to get "the package" is laughable. What exactly do you think "the package" is? We don't all have golden parachutes strapped to our backs. Anyone who is only staying at a job where they are miserable so they can add a small amount of time to their severance package needs to reevaluate their opportunity cost.

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@brj+1cifA6UY out of touch. maybe they cant quit because they have put in their time and dedicated their work life to the company and are waiting for a package. Since literally 85% to 90% of Resideo have been waiting to laid off to get the package why is this something new to you? This has been the case since before the spin.

"Help fix things" I actually find this funny. There is no fixing this as many MANY have tried for years. Its too broken and WAY past being fixed. We all know this and you should as well.

Also, you mention no layoffs coming. there actually is and in fact it never really stopped. The latest lists have been completed and they are ready to go. No that they need to pay out for these lawsuits and have ever shrinking customer bases and revenue along with nothing in the pipeline about to come out and complete lack of innovation there is nowhere to go but down.

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You are "so done" with Resideo, and your strategy is to wait and hope for them to get rid of you in a layoff? Considering there are no signs of an impending layoff, your strategy doesn't seem very effective...

May I suggest some alternatives?:
1) Quit. If you are truly "so done," and you cannot envision any possibility of your situation at Resideo improving, then you're better off leaving ASAP. No layoffs are planned, so why wait around and be miserable? Also, the longer you stay around being miserable, the more you degrade the experience of the people that still want to be here. That's not fair to them. That's extremely selfish on your part.
2) Help fix the things you don't like. The current leadership is much more open to suggestions for improvements than previous leaders. Challenge the processes and practices you think are ineffective or unnecessary. Ask "why?" Proactively suggest improvements or alternatives. Change comes from us.

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