Thread regarding BNSF Railway layoffs

How big will the layoffs be?

Does anyone know what the scale of the layoffs will be?
Someone said that smaller shops would be eliminated - is that correct? Does anyone have more details about that?

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I seriously wouldn't bet on the UP doing ANY hiring for the long term. The UP jumped on the PSR bandwagon and damn near drove the wheels off of it. Now to the person that thinks there's no way they'll do deep cuts with an infrastructure bill coming. First of all, you really need to look at the bill to its entirety. You also need to understand that the railroads will cut the workforce if there's a hope they can make money off of it. Do you really think if the bill passes that they're going to hire anyone if they receive any compensation from this bill? No, they're going to cut costs to save money on top of receiving compensation from the infrastructure bill. If you want to doubt that, then look at the others that did PSR. The UP posted record profits just before their massive layoff plan. The UP is hiring now because they've p1ssed off and laid off employees who aren't coming back. Seriously though, don't expect the so-called infrastructure bill to be the saving grace for employees. The UP isn't what you think it is. I'm only telling you this, because I worked there. If you're worried about the layoffs affecting you, then be proactive and find a different job. The alternative is to stay there and wait for it to happen.

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Layoffs are not going to happen. If you look at the economy and impending infrastructure bill yet to be passed there is no way they are making deep cuts. Good news is if they do cut you there are plenty of jobs out there right now. UP calling people back and hiring off the streets.
Record business for the railroad right now=more locomotives.
Prepare but don't worry til it happens.

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layoffs are so big that any blind man could see
I'm standing in the river now I'm drowning in the sea
Its going to take a miracle to save us this time
If your savior has just left town

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