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Aeroflot subsidiary Pobeda drops Boeing 737 MAX order
16th August 2021

In 2018, Aeroflot Group was considering the potential purchase of 30 Boeing
737 MAX 8 jets
But in early 2019, Aeroflot changed its mind and narrowed the initial potential
order to 20 Boeing 737 MAX 8s.
For now, none of the Aeroflot Group subsidiaries owns Boeing 737 MAX planes.
With the exception of Pobeda, indicates that they operate a
monogamous fleet currently consisting of 44 Boeing 737-800 planes,
while the average fleet age stands at 4.2 years.
This will be the last of new Boeing aircraft in Russia as the Max is still banned
from operating in over Russia.

The move was taken as the group planned to acquire more Russian-made
commercial passenger jets instead of foreign planes in the airlines’
Fleets of the Future.


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The problem is Boeing management... As it is said that fish starts spoiling from its head... Until leadership of the company changes, there will be no real change.

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BCA will continue to shrink due to the emphases of Profit First policies
Rather than the Quality First policies of 20 years ago
“Quality First” was the reason we were number one for eighty years
“Profit First” is the reason BCA is number two heading for number three.
In our society, this is not seen or recognized as we only see the short game.
The long game was “Quality First” that’s how you build a company.
“Profit First” is how you destroy a company.

This slide will not stop, because there is no accountability at the top
The Board of Directors Will Still Make Millions;
Whether they build or destroy the company.
Boeing is not the first company to be flushed by greed;
These ludicrous compensation schemes are rampant in this country,
Bought and paid for by the top leadership in all major corporations via
Lobbyist buying the Congress.

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