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.Org QE laid off yesterday

32 QE people in the .org clouds (under Industries) were laid off yesterday. They are invited to apply to 22 hybrid roles. They were given a couple hours of notice and 60 days of pay. No transition plan. No knowledge transfer. Releases are scheduled to go out and could not be tested. Did not feel very “Obana” like and this is the social impact line of the business!

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And you’re surprised by this?

Following their global layoff last year, it’s going to be a familiar occurrence. Get your experience, your contacts and find something more meaningful than a marketing hyped company!

Their layoffs isn’t conducted fairly anyway!

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Industries letting go .org QE SMEs is the same as swatting a fly away without much thought or care. Does the Salesforce ELT who spew Ohana know what is actually going on in the company at the lower levels or do they really not care? Disappointing.

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It's beginning to look like there are ethical and legal concerns.

Many members of the team today were informed they didn't get the new role after having only 1 30-minute screener while others were given panel interviews. Some of the screeners were conducted the SAME DAY that they were informed of the layoff and they weren't told it was an interview.

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I posted this as satire in 2020 based of the endless layoff announcements from hyper wealthy tech companies. Sadly nothing changed and my satire was horrifyingly accurate for Q3-Q4 2021

Everyone is smiling, wealthy, and happy making the world a better place, by promoting their own ideologies. Add an extra heaping serving of toxic positivity when evil decisions are made.

Every Tech CEO the last 3 months....

To my Salesforce family.
To my Facebook family.
To my Uber family.
To my google family.

Very saddened by the news of separations, exits, impacted, displaced, (you mean layoffs jerk!) today after our headcount rationalization 2020 process. We announced working from home indefinitely for 2020 (getting high 5 front page news) (wow best company ever!) (they let me move to lake8statesaway and keep my 200k job wow) thinking the impacts of Covid would be short lived (no you didn’t) we made tough decisions initially to furlough specific positions (you mean people you didn’t like) thinking they would promptly come back. (We made no mention of eliminating all the personnel who maintained our campuses for 20 years because they are just contracted losers right, now back to the workers that matter only a little more)

So sorry you young tech workers just got your $200,000 student loans due after your short lived high flying Bay Area tech career my buddy Ralph McKinsey convinced me to offshore all of your jobs to Mumbai, and Hyderabad because....well that’s what he did.

I’m sure when you told your parents and friends OMG I got hired by google,uber,postmates,salesforce starting at $180,000 OMG you had no idea we would convince you you can sell your home in 2020 and move to the mid west because your job is safe forever (we meant 6 months) and by the time you paint that last bedroom for the new baby on the way you can start immediately training your new offshore replacement at InfoSys)

Remember, Ohana baby! Ohana! Hope you land on your feet soon in the worst job market since the civil war....... just be happy you didn’t lose a leg buddy and keep that chin up. Keep grinding and things will work out, they always do...

Marc Cashington IV

#Family4Ever #IndianJobs #Thanks4Everything #HireMoreVicePresidentsOfGrowthFormulatingStrategyOfTheDigitalScrumBloat

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The job market is hot and there's plenty of demand. I can't see anyone who was let go re-joining unless their circumstances are desperate (think H1 / Visa). The reality is to go from 32 down to 22 even if you cut out what has to have been 6-8 managers means your still down 2-4 maybe even 6 quality engineers. Yikes!

Talk about an overwork nightmare...better buy some stock in Starbucks for all the coffee that's gonna be needed for the sleepless nights.

I'd been a SF for over 5 years as a LMTS in Marketing Cloud and time and time again I've seen these short-sighted quality "shift-left" initiatives. I left in a re-org at last July's re-alignment. The 60 days was nice.

At other companies they are successful with these quality transitions because they plan them out and given everyone a heads up that 1 year from date x we are going to be 100% automated.

People then either skill up, or people move on.

More importantly the organizations can plan for that whole year for knowledge transfer and documentation. In SF these repeatedly have been ANYTHING but smooth, it's short sighted thinking, and for those who need a clue, while this may be the first layoff of 32 people in quality this year, it surely won't be the last, these usually come in waves of 2, so buckle up if you're one of the "lucky" 22 that will be "rejoining" -- you've already got an expiration date set for you whether you know it or not.

Best of luck, but get out there and find another company/firm that's engaging, thoughtful, and has a kick-a-s quality strategy.

Salesforce is becoming about as interesting as yesterday's weather.

Sure SF bought slack, but I'm not sure I really think Salesforce core engineering groups get that Slack, if allowed to thrive, will EAT them alive.

It's gonna be an epic political battle for the next 12-18 months between the "old" guard, and the new guard. And guess who's gonna win out, much like chatter via slack. Slack will be in the drivers seat.

I full expect to see Benioff ride off in the sunset claiming victory and handling the reins over to Bret Taylor by this time next year. Good luck out there everyone.

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They did the same thing in the Marketing Cloud, almost exactly 3 years ago. Several of the .org QE’s were part of that as well.

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Quality Engineers that were laid off were told for months that they would be retrained and transitioned to new roles so layoff was a complete surprise.

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This has become a regular for Salesforce now

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Is Salesforce layoff a yearly thing? or they do it after acquisition?

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