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Terrible place to work

Just left this company last week. If you are into being demoralized daily, working around id--ts and ensuring that you'll have no future career beyond or outside of Lockheed, this is definently the company for you. It sure seems like everyone I encounter at Lockheed is trying to leave and find another job somewhere else but they never get hired away. I'm assuming it's because the longer one is employed with this place, the less marketable you are and employers are less enticed at picking from the bottom of the barrel (my assumption). I concur with another persons response to others to steer clear of this company. Terrible place to work with extremely low work ethic and non-existent hiring standards.

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“non-existent hiring standards…”

I disagree with that part. They have hiring standards and they want the best and brightest.

They just don’t want to pay them or offer them competitive benefits of any sort. That I can go to my local UFCW shop (basically any union grocery store) and get better health and education benefits compared to a Fortune 500 company is disgraceful.

They tout their retirement plan. Great. Most ever other company has matching 401K plans, and most have a better match.

I hear that the benefits are comparable to their competitors, yet as I began looking for a new position, I immediately found myself looking at a 20% salary increase and better benefits.

What happened to you Lockheed? You used to be a good place to work for.

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I'm outta this $hit show. Get your parachutes ready and brace for impact

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