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its not the old McAfee which used to care for its employees!

From 2005-2010 it was the best company with lot of perks, nice leadership, supporting and technically strong managers. but after Intel acquisition, it has went downhill.

in older days i.e before 2010 or Intel acquisition, it was run by technical people who were actually the founders or founding members of many products or companies. So they knew the products, technology etc. VPs and Directors used to talk code and technical stuff rather then management stuff. no one cared about creating visibility because it was your work which was creating visibility for you.

But in last few years, this has completely changed. in 2014/15 One person from outside came, he brought his entire team here and they are screwing this nice company since then.

Culture has been changed to "you scratch my back, I will scratch your back". since the new team came in, they hired their own people whose job is just to agree with higher-ups on each and everything.

Management is completely non technical, few of the team managers have no idea of whatsoever work is their teams are doing. they just keep updating excel sheets or wiki.
They run away for taking responsibilities and if given any task will simply pass it along to others in the team or just don't show any interest at all.

They want us to give idea and then work on that. They will simply update excel.

There is no motivation in the teams now, every one wants to run away form this jokers. few who changed in the past were lucky and rest are still trying.

Previously (before 2010) people used to wait for "All Hands" because the India MD was very nice, HR Head was very nice and he used come with new stuff for people.

This culture has been ruined by jokers from other company. We are sad because we spent our life here. We cant see this company getting ruined like this. But we are technical people and no one values us now.

They think a person who speaks a lot is the smartest person in the room and the person who sit silent is d-mb.

we are leaving and you should too. Don't fall pray to these story tellers aka scammers. they will put someone else hat on you and your hat on someone else. Thats what they do all the time to be successful.

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tatti log ghus g-ye hai yar is company main!!

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Worst organization I'hv worked for so far.

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Looking closely, McAfee Enterprise is manages by technocrats.
The comment is invalid.
It still sucks in different ways but the comment is incorrect. Dave de Walt almost drove the company into bankruptcy. Without a change it wouldn‘t exist.

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very soon india MD will be replaced by a puppet.

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