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Possible Lay Off

I think I might be getting laid off tomorrow. It’s strange but I think it will be a relief. In March of 2020, I was making over 100K after an average bonus. This past fiscal year, I made under 60K. It’s not even the money but everything really. Everyone is unhappy all the time & they’re wearing down or pushing out all of their best people. I think Kevin is just pushing through until he gets his Feb Golden Parachute. Come in, throw away 50 years, and then peace out,
Maybe in Feb, they’ll switch to an “Oops. Guess we messed up!” team in corporate.

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I was laid off July 2020 after about 4 agonizing months of wondering if I was going to be laid off. I had many sleepless nights and hated the ups and downs of seeing the writing on the wall and then hearing kevin’s little podcast speeches abt how everything was going to be ok. Everything for THEM certainly continued to be ok…but for everyone else? Nope. Funny enough looking back, being laid off ended up being the best thing that happened to my career. Without it i would actually have given a company that doesnt give a damn about me, many more yrs of my valuable service. I got the opportunity to evaluate my worth and give it to another institution that was more worthy. Just thought I would offer that encouragement. Just take your severance and run….you will be way better off in the long run….take it from someone who has been there.

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What's your position? I heard more reorganization in inventory control and profit management, and soon. PM is to be done by December.

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