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The Equipment engineer technicians at Micron are low balled and %80 of them suck at their job.

I was a senior tech in Dry Etch with a 5.0 when I left. I have never worked with a failed group of people in my life. %80 of the Maintenance technicians could not use basic hand tools, fluke meters, or troubleshoot basic electrical components. They were little dirt bags trying to stab each other in the back for 75 more cents an hour. They focus on E3 tracking systems and touch up on wafers. The funny thing is I was better at those desk tasks than %90 of them, but I was focused on hard downs because I had the skill to do the work. These re--rds have no idea what real maintenance is. The company d-mbs them down so they won't leave and will settle for lower pay. If you are into maintenance don't work here. It is a trap to enslave you. Do what I did. When your coworkers want to sit on the 50 yard line all day and are terrified to pick up a wrench, terrified to take a voltage reading with a multimeter, quit... This company has no integrity. It has some talent at the top of equipment owners... That is it.

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If that is all you got on me "bold Words", let me tell you what I have on you. Since i left Micron id have 1/3 the work load. I do no overtime and I make six figures. Enjoy your S##D N####R handlers who get most of your earned wage. I bet they enjoy keeping you as a pet.

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Bold words for someone that doesn’t know how to use a % symbol.

Hint: it’s “80%” not “%80”

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