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Golden years

I came here shortly before the pandemic started and at first I thought the problem was in me and it would take me a while to get used to the new environment. Nope. I plan to give notice early next month.
Purely out of curiosity I wonder now if this company has ever been much better? What were the best years here for you?

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I started in the early 2000's and worked til the mid 2010's.

Before 2008 was slightly better, because while the work was tough, DST did some small things and there weren't any layoffs for the entire life of the company. For instance, on tax day you'd be expected to work 10-12 hours, but DST would bring in all three of your meals.

Pay has always stunk. Bonuses always stunk, but DST did pay for health care premiums until 2008.

Old-timers will idealize the 60's to the 90's, but it's because they never worked for a company that actually took care of their people. The place I went to after DST treats me like absolute gold. Just witching jobs got me a 15% raise, and I get 12-15% on top of that higher salary every year in wages and bonuses.

DST NEVER did that for its workers.

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There has NEVER been a good era at DST. In the 1980's it was called "Dont stay There" instead of DST, as it was a thankless sweatshop. In the 1990's Sprint hired all the good people and the ones left at DST were not the top technical people in the drawer. After 2000 Sungard and others hired even more smart people and DST IGNORED sub-accounting which decimated their revenue which was charged "per acct processed". So a mutual fund was one account, not the 500,000 accounts it was before. Huge mistake. Local executives all were buds at the same local small college, no NYC, London, Paris or Hong Kong financial execs were ever hired to make DST a superpower. Its an ingrown, inter-marriaged, in---t company thats died due to its flawed DNA

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It has been a SH%T HO-E the last 12 years. Congrats on finding a way out of HE-L!

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