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Make no mistake, our time is limited

Ive been in some high level meetings on our 3 year plan. Lets be honest, TPG bought us for pennies on the dollar with the goal to flip us within 3 years. They are cutting costs everywhere and trying to raise profits to look better

Ive seen multiple positions come open that were told not to back fill. Im curious if this continues in the next year or two?

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Let us assess the situation may we?

NFL Sunday Ticket - the loss-leader black ho-e of 1.8 to 2.0 billion we use to suck in the gullible sofa warriors - that goes away as early as the end of this season and definitely by next year once either Apple or Amazon scoops it up. So bye bye to the 2 million subscribers that fall for this scam. Maybe we keep commercial accounts - but I'm seeing more bars going to streaming setups in preparation for our fall from football grace.,

Technology - we are still shilling the 8 year old Genie system that shows it age the second we activate the poor 5 or 6 times refurbed POS. We feel lucky if the thing doesn't crash with a hard drive error in the middle of the Customer Education demo.

Customers ask do we have a talking remote? Sure - you CAN talk to it - but it doesn't listen to what you say. Ha Ha - joke is on you!

Can we run multiple streams - nope only 3 clients at a time, sorry you have 7 TVs. But for 200 hundred dollars more, I can upgrade you to a mere 3 times refurbed Genie 2 - woohoo! More streams if you don't mind the weekly system crashes!

Can I stream apps - sorry no can do unless you count the weather bug and the equally useless score card thingy.

But hey, wasn't 2013 a super cool year for you? We think so - that's why we stopped developing in that year!

Our job these days is to convince modern 2021 tech savvy people that there is still value in horses and buggies as long as you have the hay to pay and are willing to settle for the level of tech that your grandma uses.

On the upside, we still have roughly 11 million losers (I mean valued customers) who pay their bills each month. So until they wise up and bail - I still get paid so there is that!

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Sell DPP - money for nothing and our bonuses for free. Sign here su---r!
Let IHX pi-p their iPhones and stick the suckers for cr---y reception while you get a I-Refer spiff.
Connect the clueless New Install Jock Sniffing Bro Brah signing up for NFL Someday Ticket knowing full well it will be gone before their contract is up.

Hey baby - in spite of the torrent of feel-good BS pouring out into the Workplace App, we in the field know the goal is singular - milk this dying turkey of a company for all the OT and cash we can before the train derails in 2 years.

After that - work the unemployment gig for a while and then move on down the road.

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After sitting in the high level 3 year planning sessions, you can't answer the question? The answer should be in those meetings (headcount projections).

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