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Are holiday layoffs to be expected from a company pushing managers to hire 16-year-olds to replace older workers?

I can't believe holiday layoffs arent around the corner as budgets and hours are cut, and the latest trend is to hire the youngest part-timers possible (the memo specifies a target age of 16!) to avoid offering even the most meagre, basic health benefits, as well as weeding out the older, more expensive workers who make at least $0.50 more than state minimum wage. Some workers are getting up to 4-6 hours per week on the schedule, with one cashier to run the front line, drive-up delivery AND the furniture section alone on a weekend-- busiest time for furniture!

Things are getting weirder at the "!" store and, contrary to the tannoy announcements every 6 minutes, everyday is not a "Party" at Big Lots! And, prices are going up all over the board. $3.75 for a 2 Oz jar of mayo that arrived in store with only 1 month before expiration?

What about all the "Fresh Finds" soup crackers that show up in 2021 with an expiry of 12-08-2020?

In a recent diversity training video, we get a look at Cousin Brucie's new, rounder figure, and his newly-redesigned "grill"-- he's had his upper and lower teeth done and they're looking sparklier than ever. Next step? A gold "glimmer" clip-on, perhaps? Livin' large, Cousin Brucie!

So, what happens when your store manager is out for 2 weeks, suffering from Covid? Cousin Brucie sends a Get Well "care package", loaded with outdated food, including a giant box of Ritz crackers that expired in August. Now, that's Class with a capital "C"!

The presence of Covid in the store that is taking out associates one by one is likely attributed to the lack of cleanliness in the restrooms, sewage bubbling up from the drain pipes and out of the toilets that don't flush down, but UP! Not to mention tiny, filthy and encrusted janitor closets with no ventilation, no proper PPE like nitrile gloves for cleaning, filthy and fecal-encrusted restrooms due to walls constructed of cheap textured tub-surround material (and, again, no ventilation), no soap, and break rooms the size of a Honda 4-wheeler with no wash-up sink or running water to be found?

Ever had your hands stick to a fridge handle when you go to open it? Sickening.

Zero sanitation of commonly used items like hand held scanners, computers and limited writing implements. Filthy and unsanitary warehouse areas crammed with couches resting vertically, on end, waiting to fall when you walk by. Improperly maintained air conditioning systems where the filters are not changed and the vents are clogged with black soot and germ-breeding dust.

And food left sitting out for hours in the tiny break room as "treats" for associates, with countless, dirty hands all over everything, since there's no sanitizing station, no wash-up sink or running water, and no sterilization practices to be found (especially in the last 4 months).

Are we supposed to "Live Big" or "Die Big" from mass infection? Or, worse yet, poison some unsuspecting customer with intentionally mislabeled and outdated consumables?

Come on, Brucie! We can see you're living it up! You can do better!

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Actually, that 20% company matching is wrong. It is much less.

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Well, as I was told, since I started there this year for lowest-of-the-low pay, that my part-time position is permanent. There will never be an opportunity for full-time. And, if I stay a whole year (into 2022) I could, just very possibly, get a whole $0.12 raise IF, and only IF, my yearly review is good enough and I have enough Big! points, whatever those are?!!

"At Big Lots!, every day is a party! And, you're invited, because we're hiring part-time associates for positions throughout the store. In addition to competitive pay (minimum-est wage possible), you also get 30% off everything in the store (plus ZERO benefits and the opportunity to contribute to 401k with 20% company matching the first eligible 2% you put in, with service fees that outweigh what a part-timer could contribute, anyway!) and extra discounts on mobile service and so much more! (So much more fe--s smeared on the walls in the restrooms and sewage backing up in the drains, especially in Hartsville and Florence, SC!).

Still want to run a register, lift heavy furniture, unload trucks by hand, stock shelves, crawl on your knees straightening after homeless trash rummages through the aisles stealing food and tearing into otc remedies desperate for Benadryl highs to go along with their sc--w-top wine that they polish off in the parking lot and leave in the shopping carts, scrub smeared fe--s off walls and the seats of leaking toilets in restrooms with no soap, paper or hot water, and deal with irate, gang thug customers who want cheap furniture for free, free delivery and full service in what is little more than an indoor flea market full of reject, 4th-hand closeout merch-- all for less than $10 an hour with a generous half-hour break for an unhealthy fast food cram-down-yer-throat in a pokey, filthy rabbit-warren jokingly called a break room with no sink, no running water, a filthy, encrusted fridge full of old, mouldy food leftovers, piles of old, open snacks. condiments and leftover drinks on yellowed ,filthy tables surrounded by passive-aggressive, mildly threatening, id--tic Mystery Shopper feedback pinup notes designed to intimidate and embarrass staff while the policies and promises of Good Times! are laminated and posted on the walls-- all the while surrounded with the worst, most inane, banal and insipid, he-l-inspired and stress-triggering pop music piped in so loud you can't hear your own indigestion, facing no prospects of a career, future or soul once you walk out crying or screaming each day? Sound like your kinda gig?!

Ask any manager for details. You get a great latex logo, see-thru athletic t-shirt to wear that melts and cracks when you wash and dry it! And you get to watch lots of embarrassingly bad and insulting training videos-- some hosted by the ever-expanding Cousin Brucie, himself! His belly's livin' larger every day! Keep sending them prices up and the paychecks and hours down. Send your minions to the stores to nitpick the flea market atmosphere-- it builds CHARACTER!

There's more ways to Live Big! and Save Lots! at Big Lots!

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Bruce is the worst kind of capitalist pig.,..we can only hope for his quick demise. Three years of the $18 million man (salary, bonuses, stock options) is enough!

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