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Is Directv separate or not?

All the press reports would lead one to believe that the NEW DIRECTV is it's own entity yet again.

But working for them makes me wonder how true this actually is.

We still wear AT&T branded apparel, our vans still have their globe, we still use their time reporting system, still have their overseas Call Centers, their overseas support centers, their phones, their accounts, their job assignment programs, their useless monthly required training and their monthly goals and metrics.

In short, nothing at the Field Level has changed one wit except for the 401(K) and the email suffix.

The Business Press says T is a 70% holder of value - which we took to mean an investor - like I am a investor in Apple because I hold 35 shares of their stock. But I don't get to tell Tim Cook how to run Apple so why does T get to run us?

Is Directv an independent company or not - or are we really just an off-book subsidiary of T still beholding to their whims or is this whole split just a scam?

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TPG and ATT are not in this deal for long term. This is clearly a transitional move for a sale to DISH that will probably be approved by regulators to preserve a satellite service in the US. We probably have a couple years before this comes to fruition, prepare your marketability and enjoy the ride.

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DIRECTV is an affiliated company. AT&T does own 70% but the company is being run by TPG. AT&T still does some work for DIRECTV via service agreements. Those service agreements are between 0-3 years. DIRECT and TPG are trying to duplicate the function so the agreements can be terminated early and money saved.

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