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“New” role at Oracle & Interview w/competition

In a very short amount of time, it so easy to see why Oracle is hated by the majority of employees and losing hand over fist.

I got a new role a while back. No more money. No raise. My rat manager didn’t even fight for any money.

Obviously I did what any intelligent person did, I stopped replying to all customers and applied with the competition. I can’t even say Oracle is a competitor to this cloud leader.

What was great about the HR guy’s comment today just made my day and I’m not even with them. I gave him my salary requirements…

“Oh, you are definitely in the range. In fact, you’re gonna be able to start much higher than that if you are hired.”

Listen up Oracle mgmt and HR….you can’t stop what’s coming and the train is heading right at you.

Once I leave, the only thing I will ever say is that the rumors are true. It is a terrible place to work.

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Agree the address thing is crazy….HR doesn’t know what the rats are doing to the worker bees.

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Agree, no one should be asking for anyone's home address. I think it was mostly a joke on the part of the poster. CM should be removed, though. OCI is a sh-t-show, but then everything at Orahole is a sh-t-show.

Let the rats devour each other, just step out of the way to a new opportunity. They are out there, even for us older employees.

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The moderators need to remove the post from @1ren+1d9ZzYMo where they ask if anyone knows CM's home address. That kind of comment is not okay. Believe me, I hate this sh!thole as much as anyone else, but we can't make comments like that here. This isn't fb or insta or tw!tter. If you want to make comments like that, then head on over to fb.

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But would you walk away from your bonus?

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