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Family hires????

I was on call with mates from my unit. Things have been terrible financially for my group. I saw a person who had the same last name as a gent who is a director of sorts. Don’t really know that he does much, but this girl is his daughter and she’s working for someone he actually brought on board. Is that type of scenario common at Oracle? I almost fell off me chair cause I know of people that got laid off with many more years on the pitch that this young person. Nothing against her but daddy had to get you a job? Does HR not patrol the GBU stuff? I’m perplexed. Time for a pint to laugh about big O. Maybe even take a toke.

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It’s not surprising at all. We had a similar situation. Heck. May even be same unit. Guy brought his daughter into the company cause she couldn’t get hired anywhere else. She has zero skills for the job she’s in but because he is the VP’s lapdog, go right ahead. He is hated and she will be as well. Nothing personal but how can someone expect to be respected when they’re given something without working for it? I’m actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often cause we have some serious louses in our mgmt. it makes me laugh cause legit no one joins any calls or reacts to any of the stupid sh*t they post. Hahaha. Losers.

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I worked with a manager who had a girlfriend. He had other people on the project do the work, then the girlfriend and the manager would demo it an claim that she did all the work. She was doing nothing, except maybe some special "work" for the manager.

HR's reply "No that's not happening".

Oracle is a dump. You might see someone with special relationships to someone else and you might want to tell yourself that they are not getting special privileges. Reality is that the corrupt guy at the top, will do anything to make their relative or girlfriend look like they are doing all the work. You probably won't even know it's happening.

This guy with the girlfriend had one of his reports even work from home to isolate them so they wouldn't be able to tell anyone what they were working on. Don't bother the person working at home.... they aren't feeling well.... my girlfriend is doing all their work for them. Isn't it great we have her here?

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Long history of it. A number of GVP level parents had children working at Oracle.

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