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They don’t seem to like it when employees feel comfortable

I decided to give notice because I really can't stand the fact that an atmosphere is always created (very likely, intentionally) so that none of us would feel happy and comfortable in our workplace.

Even if there is no problem, it seems to me that the boss will create it on purpose. That’s my view of things here.

Why they do that, who knows........ Maybe they think that people will work better and more if they are not happy and if they don't feel safe?

Total mismanagement.

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I do agree with the post who references BP’s Friday meetings and limiting them to an hour. His monologues alone could be condensed to 15 minutes if he didn’t repeat himself so much. It’s super annoying and his condescending tone when he talks to associates not with them. He is the biggest disappointment. He has ZERO clue what has happened to the rank and file associate with HRs latest debacle “Career Framework “ or at least leads one to believe he doesn’t know. However I’m sure he really knows that the intent was to move out seasoned associates with fatter compensation packages for a lesser paying employee who will come in thinking CF has so much to offer. Let us know how that works for you when we all start mass exiting and take that 20, 30, 40+ years of knowledge out the door.

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I do have to agree. Being out of school for a few years, I do like CareFirst does some things to promote harmony. But it is too contrived and forced. Please reduce the Friday leadership meetings to 1/2 hour to one hour where things of true importance company wide are shared.

Nice gesture for caregiver week or whatever it was, but I don’t need 1.5 hours of drivel whim then Friday afternoon meeting blackouts are becoming a thing of the past (and that were valuable).

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Total mismanagement is correct and it starts at the top. BP should resign before the company completely implodes.
If you are researching potential employers, run do not walk, away from CF.
The poster is correct - management seems to create disasters daily and employees are left to work overtime to fix it.

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Total mismanagement is spot on. You have operational groups that get mandates of cost savings and then other groups that keep growing. One of these groups in particular, seems to be staffed by company cheerleaders that do nothing but generate non value added work for other groups!

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