Thread regarding Marathon Petroleum layoffs

Very poor leadership

This company has gone down hill. If you work here, you probably feel the same.

Mike Hennigan, if you read this, please do some self reflecting. You are the embodiment of the Peter principle.

Here is a free tip, on the house: You don't announce that you're selling a refinery without being at a point where you can share details. Especially when it is just to let investors know ahead of time on the chance that a deal will close before you can update them again. You have 250 employees that are preoccupied and don't know what to think about their future. Are they going to be turned into a terminal and lose their jobs? Are they going to shut down completely? No one knows and now no one can focus.

Congratulations on really nailing the management role. You're an inspiration to us all. We now know that anyone can make millions as long as they don't care about people and have as much social intelligence as a bowl of potato salad.

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One thing I’ve noticed at marathon is the gap between a corporate employee vs someone at a plant. Andeavor treated both fairly equally, and seemed to recognize the money was made in the field. Mpc highly compensates corporate roles, and cheapens people in the field. I’m make more sitting at a desk surfing the internet than I ever did while at a site.

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Fortunately, they got rid of flex Fridays so people can be miserable for 26 more days a year.

I am also very pleased that they did a fantastic job at cutting costs, cutting people, and cutting productivity. If it weren't for that, poor corporate might not be able to justify bigger bonuses for themselves. It brings a tear to my eye thinking about that poor executive team barely being able to afford to have a servant put food in their table for them.

Also, a company paid meal for a team once in awhile when they do well? Absolutely not... Multi-million dollar exec bonuses don't pay for themselves. You should just be happy that they give you enough FR money for a coat and half of a pair of pants, employee 1165743.

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5 factors that lead to burnout:

  1. Unfair treatment at work
  2. Unmanageable workload
  3. Lack if role clarity
  4. Lack of communication and support from manager.
  5. Unreasonable time pressure

Anyone else 5 for 5?

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All good points for us at the refineries staying open or MPC. Quite fitting that he's in oil. Probably needs plenty of lubrication for how many times he bends over for investors.

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Both posts are on point.

No doubt that MPC will be a future business school case study on how to drive a company straight into the ground. Glad to escape from beneath the incompetent thumb of marathon while we can.

And who knows, if we can trim the 40 useless positions you made us hire, and cut our turnaround cost down after your terrible policies drove them up 4x, we might be profitable again.

Bye Felicia

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It truly is sad. They took an amazing culture and workforce and completely destroyed it. The most frustrating part is when you give corporate data and plans on how you can be effective doing things how you used too, and they completely ignore them and slam down their iron fist. Whatever it takes to make to shareholder happy so the higher ups at corporate can get bigger bonuses. I hope someone buys Kenai that runs the plant how it used to be. Where everyone wanted to work hard for the company, and didn’t just feel like a number.

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